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Harvey meets the Dye Garden

Living on the east side of Austin, we received quite a lot of Hurricane Harvey’s wind and rain this weekend. Though the Village was spared the flooding that continues to threaten so many of the communities between here and Houston, we did endure some wind gusts as high as 25mph.

We could certainly feel the wind rattling our RV, but we stayed safe and snug as the rain fell all weekend. Portions of the dye garden, however, are looking a little worse for the wear. The low-growing first-year alkanet and madder appear to be entirely unruffled by the stormy weekend. My indigo, cotton, and coreopsis are nearly horizontal. The coreopsis was nearing the end of its summer season, anyway, so I won’t worry if Harvey had finished it off.

For the cotton and indigo, however, I’ll have to see what my farmer-wise husband recommends tonight. Thankfully, the cotton and indigo have sturdy roots. I was looking forward to several more months of steady growth from all these plants, and so I hope that Harvey hasn’t spoiled those hopes.


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