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Texts & Textiles: A Celtic Blessing for the Lambs

I’ve posted before about the Carmina Gadelica, a wonderful collection of folk prayers and blessings from Scotland. Today, as spring visits Texas, it seemed right to offer one of the Carmina’s prayers for flocks, especially the sheep, whose wool is so beautiful and useful. The sheep with their lambs, like so many animals and plants, are our partners in homemaking. We can admire the wisdom of the people who prayed a blessing on the lambs as they walked, spun, and wove the precious wool.

If you were to write a blessing for the partners and material you use to do good today, how would it go? What would you pray for God to protect and increase?

2 thoughts on “Texts & Textiles: A Celtic Blessing for the Lambs

  1. I love the action of praying for the person who will receive the items we are working on. It gives us purpose besides fulfilling a creative need. It’s something I try to do, but I appreciate the reminder.
    I definitely need to commit a few of those poems to memory. Thanks.

    1. Absolutely! In the same collection, there is a blessing called “The Consecration of the Cloth” that prays for the person who will wear what the weaver has made. Thanks for commenting, Maggie!

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