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Texts & Textiles: The Parable of the Old & New Garments

The first parable recorded in Matthew, Mark, and Luke is that of the new patch on the old garment. I was surprised to see that it was first, but it makes sense: Jesus takes a situation perfectly familiar to his audience--the need to mend a worn garment--and uses it to reveal something mysterious about the kingdom of heaven. 

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Texts & Textiles: St. Distaff’s Day

Partly work and partly play You must on St. Distaffs Day: From the plough soon free your team; Then cane home and fother them: If the maids a-spinning go, Burn the flax and fire the tow. Bring in pails of water then, Let the maids bewash the men. Give St. Distaff' all the right: Then… Continue reading Texts & Textiles: St. Distaff’s Day

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Texts & Textiles: A Christmas Carol

I, said the sheep with curly horn, I gave Him my wool for His blanket warm, He wore my coat on Christmas morn; I, said the sheep with curly horn. Today is the 10th day of Christmas, and at our house, we're still singing carols. One of my favorites is "The Friendly Beasts," a song… Continue reading Texts & Textiles: A Christmas Carol

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Texts & Textiles: Ephrem of Syria

The two things You asked, we have by Your birth. You put on our visible body; let us put on your hidden power. Our body became Your garment; Your spirit became our robe. Blessed is He Who was adorned and adorned us!" from Ephrem of Syria, "Hymn 22 on the Nativity."  Ephrem the Syrian, Hymns. Trans.… Continue reading Texts & Textiles: Ephrem of Syria

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Texts & Textiles: JRR Tolkien

Blessed are the timid hearts that evil hate that quail in its shadow, and yet shut the gate; that seek no parley, and in guarded room, though small and bate, upon a clumsy loom weave tissues gilded by the far-off day hoped and believed in under Shadow's sway. Blessed are the men of Noah's race… Continue reading Texts & Textiles: JRR Tolkien