Bethany’s Writings

Reflections on Textiles & Craft

Bear, Bethany. “Fairy Tale Pedagogy.” Web log post. Christ & University. 3 Parts. 2014. Web. {Part 1, Part 2, Part 3}

—. “Struggling Sisters and Failing Spells: Re-engendering Fairy Tale Heroism in Peg Kerr’s The Wild Swans.”  Fairy Tales Reimagined: Essays on New Retellings. Ed. Susan R. Bobby, Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland, 2009. 44-57.

—. “To Feel Even as I Once Knew.”  Web log post. Transpositions. Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts, 15 Feb. 2013. Web.  {Link}

Hebbard, Bethany. “Memory, Making, and the Gift of Inheritance.” Comment Magazine Winter 2015. 30. {Link}

Other Works

Bear, Bethany. “The Mirror of the Law of Liberty: Reflecting the Hidden Christ in George MacDonald’s Lilith.” The Edinburgh Companion to the Bible and the Arts. Ed. Stephen Prickett. Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP, 2014. 507-520.

—. “Writing within a Zone of Grace: Eavan Boland, Sacred Space, and the Redemption of Representation.” Contemporary Literature 54.1 (Spring 2013): 77-108.

—. “Fantastical Faith: John Bunyan and the Sanctification of Fancy.” Studies in Philology 109.4 (Fall 2012): 671-701.

—. “Trunt, trunt, and the trolls in the fells”:  Jouissance in A.S. Byatt’s “A Stone Woman.” Philological Review 33.2 (2007): 67-86.