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Weave Truth with Trust

I've seen weavers tackle all kinds of interesting materials. Beyond the traditional linen, wool, silk, or cotton, you can find weavers creating fabrics from paper, wood, metal, and more. But what in the world does it mean when someone claims to "weave truth"? The injunction to "weave truth with trust," however, stands as the motto… Continue reading Weave Truth with Trust

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A clew to the past

"Desynonymy" is the curious term Samuel Taylor Coleridge applies to the growth of human languages. In Chapter IV of his Biographia Literaria¬† (1817), Coleridge argues that "in all societies there exists an instinct of growth, a certain collective, unconscious good sense working progressively to desynonymize those words originally of the same meaning [...]." Similar divisions… Continue reading A clew to the past